Aikido in English

The Aikido English immersion class is taught by Chief Instructor Joshua Layton, who is a native speaker of English. Layton-sensei applies a comprehension-based approach similar to the Total Physical Response (TPR) method developed by James Asher. The class is conducted solely in English.

By using highly demonstrative movements, in simple English repeated week after week, children soon acquire a basic comprehension of what is being said but are not required to speak unless it emerges naturally. Simple words and phrases are used such as ‘stand up, spread out, right foot forward’. In this natural immersion approach, there are no grammatical explanations. What you see and what you do is what it means, the movements define themselves.

Montérégie Aikikai also provides classes for children in French.


The next course is currently being organized. Please contact us to express your interest! We will be pleased to have you visit the school by appointment.