Visiting Aikido practitioners

Members of Aikido dojos across the globe are welcome to train with us regardless of affiliation. When visiting a dojo, it is traditional to bring a letter of introduction from your instructor and offer a mat fee each day.

If you wish to participate in training at Montérégie Aikikai you must contact us in advance and include your dojo name, your grade, the name of your instructor (after asking them permission to train in another dojo, if necessary), and the date and class that you wish to attend.

Contributions :

$25 per day.

$20 per day for active USAF and Aikikai organization members: Birankai / Un En Kai / Hombu dojo / etc.

We ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled class time. If you will be able to practice for more than just a couple days, please let us know!