Intensive Program

"Unity of Principle & Technique" calligraphy by Kiyoshi Nakakura

The Montérégie Aikikai intensive program is a radical way for motivated students to immerse themselves in the disciplines of Aikido, Aikido weapons, and Iaido. It is specifically designed to offer the kind of focused learning experience not available in most modern dojo. Students considering the path of an instructor and/or seeking to follow the path of ‘aiki’ as a life-long study should apply.

Applicants must have a strong motivation to train every day while living harmoniously in a setting where service to the community is expected. Working in close proximity with the chief instructor, you will learn attention to detail. This is a hands-on learning experience, an apprenticeship. The training and teaching of skills is basically one-to-one even if participants are many in number.

In the case of students with previous training, the aim is not necessarily to define the entirety of their martial arts education, but to complement past experience with a temporary period of singular focus and depth. This is similar to the effect that a semester of cultural immersion abroad has on the fluency of a foreign language major. Our intensive program hopes to achieve the same effect with regards to traditional Japanese budo.

Anyone may apply. However, considering the required level of fitness, it is ideal that the applicant be in good physical health. The dojo has a rigorous curriculum. You may write to the chief instructor with questions or to request an application interview.