More about training with weapons

Aikido techniques and principles of movement have roots in Japanese weapons systems used by the samurai in warfare. These martial art forms have been modified over the years and are practiced in order to enhance and deepen our understanding of Aikido. Our weapons' training includes Bokken (wooden sword), Jo (wooden staff) and Tanto (wooden knife). The practice consists of individual exercises know as suburi and kata, partner practice (kumi-jo & kumi-tachi), and weapon disarming (tachi-tori, jo-tori, tanto-tori).

The videos and photos below provide a window into weapons training at our dojo. Suburi, tachi-dori, tanto-dori, jo-dori, and the fundamentals of weapons training are included in the general program of Aikido. An intensive course focused specifically on partner work such as kumi-tachi and kumi-jo is also offered.