Training Schedule


Our dojo is currently accepting new members and we have a wide variety of daily training options available. Classes of Aikido (dynamic, traditional, non-competitive, non-brutal martial art), Iaido (handling of the Japanese sword, meditation), and weapons (partnered training with wooden sword and stick). All are carried out in compliance with the latest official security measures. All are accessible to new members. In fact, it is an ideal time to be a beginner at our dojo. Contact us to get started!

About our schedule

New Students

Students who are new to training may begin at any time. Contact

Class Descriptions


Free time in our schedule is reserved for:

The Dojo

Members participate in maintenance and care for the dojo. In addition to cleaning the training area (tatami) between and after classes, the kamiza, and all other exposed surfaces are wiped clean with freshly rinsed rags at the end of practice each day. Leave the dojo as clean, or cleaner, than you found it.